How To Radically Improve Your Relationship With Money and Create More Wealth In Your Life From The Inside Out

exclusive interview with Angela Anderson, PSYCH-K® Facilitator and subconscious reprogrammer

Most people try to solve their issues with an outside in approach.  They tweak their marketing, their services, their tactics - this is VALID, but it’s actually a common mistake.

What you want to do is handle your abundance issues from an inside out approach.  You’ve got to start by fixing your mind - your beliefs, your thoughts, and your stories.  Handle this and you have TRUE WEALTH. All the marketing pieces and rest of the “stuff” becomes easy.  Why? Your thoughts are made of your beliefs, which drive your actions, which determine your results. So, why not get to the source of it and get it handled?  When you do, you are FREE - free to make as much as you want in a way that’s perfect for you. So, let’s start with your beliefs instead of trying to tweak and manage all these levers on the outside.

You have a money code inside of your mind and it’s a set of very powerful subconscious beliefs that are tied to your income - they are either working for or against you.

In this exclusive interview, you will learn about:

⭐️ Your money code - your limitations and limitlessness - is stored in your subconscious mind

⭐️ How to unlock & reprogram your money code once you understand how your mind works and …

⭐️ The first steps to reprogram your money code

In this exclusive interview, Angela will address the following questions:

  1. What are the TOP limiting beliefs people have about money?

  2. How is my money code created?

  3. Where is my money code located and how does it work exactly?

  4. Why is reprogramming my subconscious beliefs important?

  5. How does my subconscious mind work exactly?

  6. How do I reprogram my money code?

  7. What method do you recommend to reprogram my money code?

  8. Where can I go to get more information?

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