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Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Health & Wellness Professionals work with me to massively scale their cash flow, growth and impact.

  • Are you stuck at an income plateau and are ready to reach the next income level in your business (more cash without the frustration and constant, never ending work)?

  • You’re used to success.  And you’re ready to have a much larger impact. But do you know that in order to scale, it’s not just strategy and hard work, you have to unlock something deep in your mind?

  • Do you often find yourself too busy to do the very things you teach your clients, such as, self care, fitness, nutrition, sleep … which makes you feel like a bit of a fraud?

  • Are you deeply programmed to work hard for the money, that backing off to earn more feels like it’s against your hard working nature and virtually impossible to do?

  • Money mindset work is your jam, but despite all the inner work you've done, are you super frustrated that you haven't hit the next level already?



Angela Anderson, PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Angela Anderson, PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Most successful people try to solve their issues with an outside in approach.  You may tweak your marketing, your services, your tactics, hire help to so you can scale, set BIG goals, further your commitment to your meditation practice, and commit even more to your mindset practice - this is VALID, but it’s actually a common mistake.  

You've worked HARD and you're incredibly successful …

… however, there are still invisible beliefs, traumas, blocks, and fears programmed deep within you that are standing in the way of you getting to your next level of success with ease and grace. 

What you have to do is fix your money mindset at the subconscious level … and you will create and experience more wealth with ease and flow.

All the rest of the “stuff” you're doing on a daily basis becomes much easier.  #flow 

WEALTH = as much money in the bank as you wish, serving the perfect amount of clients you adore, living the lifestyle you want, being engaged, feeling loved, and loving others... in a way that is totally unique to you.

Your “money code” resides in your mind and is made of your subconscious beliefs …

… which creates your thoughts, drives your actions, and ultimately determines your results.  So, why not get to the source of your money issues and get it handled?  When you do, you are FREE - free to make as much as you want and live exactly how you want in a way that’s perfect for you.  So, let’s start with your subconscious beliefs instead of keeping up the hustle and trying to tweak and manage all these levers on the outside.

Once you completely transform your subconscious thoughts, feelings, traumas, and engrained patterns about money, the heavy burden you’ve been carrying is suddenly lifted.  You get to live in the world with a whole other set of perceptions and adopt new ones that are true to the life of abundance you are meant to have. 

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