Failure. It’s real.  But when you’re an entrepreneur, failure is a word you get to know better than most. However, if you’re tired of hearing people say that “failure is a part of success!” - don’t worry. You do have options.

The truth is, failure is an occurrence. It’s not a prediction of the future and in fact, it’s subjective.

Are you really failing or is the truth of what’s happening simply isn’t the way you imagined?  

We have so many ideas that are put into our heads, especially as kids - with the right ingredients, we think success is an instant, guaranteed outcome.

Settle down. Even the planet is still evolving.

Here’s a little tough love that you need to hear. You can wallow in self pity. Eat a bag of cookies. Binge watch Netflix OR you can get going:

  • Ask for help. Ask the universe for help. Get on your knees and pray.  Ask someone who you think may have some good answers. When you open yourself to allow help in, it arrives.

  • Do something - anything - even if it’s not related to your business.  Pay your bills, clean your closet, scrub your floors, go on a walk with a friend. Stir up your energy and the energy around you.  

  • Recognize the pattern and call yourself on it, or better yet, rewire your programmed thinking so you break the manic-depressive loop altogether.  

The bottom line is that failure is not the end. It’s the secret ingredient that leads to your success. So, pick yourself up (again) and get ready to fly.