Most people never talk about this .... it's not like talking about the weather or what you ate for dinner, but it's a very hot topic 🔥.

In fact, for many people, it brings up just as much anticipation and dread as weighing yourself after a vacation.

So, the topic is MONEY and how you are dealing with your finances.

How do you manage your finances?

Like, do you have a running total laying around somewhere (spreadsheet?  computer program? bookkeeper on speed dial?) that will show you how much you've been earning and spending?

Do you religiously balance your bank account and credit card statements at the end of the month?

Can you access, at any given moment, the total amount of money you've earned and spent so far this month?

Here's the truth: 

  • most people keep tally of their money in their heads ("I've got X number of clients, so I've made Y so far, I treated myself to a nice dinner and a new outfit and that cost X, I paid X for this program, etc.)

  • most people decide how they are doing financially based on their feelings (I got new clients this month = good.  I haven't gotten a client yet = some stress & anticipation.  I just spent a ton of money on X = whatever your programmed thinking is about spending lots of 💰)

This is VERY DANGEROUS my friend!!!


Because basically, you make all kinds of shit up in your head that isn't the truth and then you go and believe it.... and ultimately manifest all those fears.

No wonder when it comes time to check your bank account, prepare your taxes, or talk finances with your partner you break out into a clammy sweat and whine "but do I haaaave to???!!"

We make up these stories about money, carry a lot of fear and stress out around finances based on what???   

  • vague ideas

  • your programmed thinking

  • your knee jerk reactions

  • your unconscious, habitual patterns and habits

  • the many false conclusions you draw based on your emotions

Hey, you are SO not alone.

Because it's not talked about, I want you to know that many people - even very successful people - are taking deep breaths before logging into their online banking, looking at their financial reports, and filing their taxes. 

You've got to understand this:

Neither your head nor the final number on your profit and loss statement magically show you the whole financial picture. 

Most people are not truly aware of what the whole picture looks like.  (Do the crumbled up receipts at the bottom of your tote bag count?!?)

Working on your finances can feel overwhelming and maybe even scary, but it doesn't have to be this way if you heal your relationship with money.  

😱Money drama ...

😩... money trauma, and ...

😒... bad money karma 

 + all of your unhealed feelings + vagueness + false conclusions = you NOT living your best life possible.

These things are the ROOT of all the stress you feel when you do your numbers.

The fundamental difference between the people who are out there living CONFIDENTLY & ABUNDANTLY and the people who are struggling with money is ... MINDSET and then the habits that align with your mindset.  The numbers in your bank account and stories in your head have NOTHING to do with your value or your capabilities. 

Ok, so maybe you made some decisions about money that you regret.  Heck, I remember investing $7500 in my first business coach and I def had a case of coyote arm!!!

You are getting tripped up with core beliefs that are NOT compatible with you getting to the next level, creating massive cash flow, and having a larger impact.  

Thus, you turn a simple thing like checking your bank accounts or filing your taxes into a big ordeal.  This kinda behaviour is not allowing you to move forward to finally BE RICH babe!

My clients become more responsible and wealthier after each session we have.

How is this possible? It is because they are focused on reprogramming their money code at the level of their minds where healing and change is most effective.

This is entirely possible for you too.

The number one result when you reprogram your money code is that you stop stressing about money or the future because you are getting richer and richer, on the inside & outside - and there's proof in terms of increased cash flow and confidence.

As a result, my money code clients are now naturally able to focus on three things:

  • They know what they need to do to be rich and they do it with energy, joy, and ease (the cycle of procrastination & perfectionism has been broken!)

  • They live and breath in their zone of genius and creativity (no more self doubt and constant questioning!)

  • They take massive action towards their goals (efforting turns into divine flow)


Let's take one of my clients, for example:

 “As a health coach, I could see that I was holding myself back from helping people, getting clients, and earning money because I didn't have the confidence in myself to share who I really was and how I really felt.  I had so many limiting beliefs around not being worthy and negative beliefs around money - they were massively hindering me from moving forward in my business.  What I realized is that other methods I've tried in the past (affirmations, meditation, journaling) always made me feel like I was trying to convince myself that what I was saying was true - and I was always second guessing myself and my efforts.  I realized that I needed something deeper to help me.  Yes, I thought "what if this doesn't work?" to myself when I started working with Angela, but I knew that if I didn't do something differently, I would still have a negative mindset around money and wouldn't be confident taking action.  At first, I started noticing that I would consciously talk to myself differently - situations that would normally set me off or make me angry no longer triggered me!  I was naturally more confident without even thinking about it!!!  Before I worked with Angela, my chest would get beet red before doing any sort of speaking in front of others. My hands would shake and I'd get short of breath because I was so nervous. Now, I hop on LIVES on my social media like it's second nature and I'm doing my first public speaking event in just 2 months!" (click here to read more client testimonials)


If you continue to sweep your money stories under the carpet, down play it, and be vague about your finances, you're going to continue to feel anxious, stressed, and alone. 

You can procrastinate up to a certain point.  Even the Feds will let you file an extension for your taxes.  But, unfortunately, no one lives under the radar forever.  Eventually, you still have to deal with your numbers and all the feelings of shame, guilt, anger, and disappointment. 

I'm here to help you ease the tension and take another step - a different step.  Take heart, because it's natural for your mind to shut down, get distracted, and/or procrastinate when a new idea gets introduced. 

Coming clean with all the facets of your money story takes willingness and bravery.  It's almost like getting undressed in front of strangers!  But, I'm going to take the scary out of it for you today.

Take a deep breath ...

  1. Step 1 - Close your eyes and think about your money situation.  Now, rate your level of stress about it on a scale of 1-10.   (You can even get your bills and stare at them - you'll know immediately how much stress this causes you!)

  2. Step 2 - Now that you know what your true feelings are, you can get clear on what you're actually telling yourself about your money.  What are the stories that are swirling around in your head?  What are you telling yourself about why you can't X, Y, Z?  What are you telling yourself will happen if you can X, Y, Z?  

  3. Step 3 - What beliefs come from the feelings you have and the stories in your mind?  What is the opposite of this?  (ex:  I'm spending too much money, it makes me feel out of control and irresponsible.  I'm believing that money is scarce.  The opposite is that I spend money on what's important, I 10X my return when I spend money, I'm in control and responsible, and money is abundant.)

  4. Step 4 - Take the leap and get some help.  Last I checked, stress doesn't help.  Instead of repeating positive affirmations for years you can finally step into an entirely new and abundant reality.  Asking for help is the hardest thing to do, especially if you are a self-reliant, strong, self-starter like I am (lots of my clients are this way too!).  But when you do, you can get massive results in a much shorter amount of time. 

By moving forward and giving yourself the beautiful gift of awareness and HEALING at the subconscious level, you'll reach and exceed your goals in life with more ease and flow. When you are living this way, you are no longer second guessing yourself, your life becomes so much easier, and you naturally attract wealth and abundance to you.  That means you are making more than enough money for your necessary expenses AND all the fun pleasures in your personal life and business!  (spa day??)

Imagine the relief and renewed energy!  Just like my health coach client said, her debilitating nervousness went away and she landed a huge speaking gig when she reprogrammed her money code.

This can be you too! If you're looking to take control and end the exhaustion, overwhelm, and fear when you do your finances, set up a call with me to see if reprogramming your money code is right for you. 

I want so much for you to be able to sleep soundly at night, to be able to make enough money to fulfill your dreams, and do all of this without constant stress & anxiety. I've totally got your back. I believe in you, and I know you can do this.

Click here to set up a call with me:  www.angelaanderson.life/breakthrough-session

I look forward to connecting with you!