Detoxing is not easy, but once you do it, you stand at a place where you can determine and create the future you desire.

Are you living in a state of financial fog?

I remember when I lived with chronic brain fog because of my sugar addiction .  I'd eat ginger snaps (Mi-Del's are my fave!) after lunch and go for chocolate after I put the kiddos to bed.

The brain fog, slow digestive system ... and extra 10lbs as a result ... was such a "normal" state of being for me, I didn't realize how cloudy and "heavy" I felt until I started doing regular detoxes. 

It's the same with your money.  Are you burying your head in the sand rather than dealing head on with financial situations, thus robbing yourself of obtaining the wealth you are working so hard for?

If you're like me, then perhaps doing a "financial detox" sounds really interesting, but maybe you are feeling extreme desire or even extreme fear.

I love drinking my green juice 🥒🥕and how amazing I feel after a detox, but not having any treats for the rest of my life and always feeling hungry sounds pretty awful!

A financial detox can be amazing, but you don't want to suffer right???

So, what exactly is a financial detox?

  • Is it feeding your bank account green juice everyday?  

  • Does it involve cutting up your credit cards and sticking them in the freezer?

  • Do you have to stop going out to eat and buying beauty products (gah!)?

A financial detox is about rolling up your financial sleeves and cleaning your financial house from top to bottom. 

It's about clearing the emotions underlying your financial situation, getting a crystal-clear understanding of exactly where you are financially and walking away with a foundation to build wealth on. 

Or as I like to say, it's about reprogramming your money code.

Too often you'll hear that your first step is to to clean up your vibration around money. That "helpful advice" can feel like being kicked in the gut when you're already down.

In other words, what they're saying is that you have to figure out how to earn more money AND you've got to clean up your "filthy vibration" too. Yikes!

I don't believe in shaming or making my clients feel guilty about their money situation ... ever. Instead, I invite my clients to move forward with greater ease and grace, no matter how tangled things might have gotten. I always want to remind my clients that we can transform almost anything if we allow ourselves the same compassion and acceptance we'd offer anyone we truly loved. 

If you have gone unconscious in your financial awareness and have developed habits that are just not serving you, then here's what to do!




Get crystal clear about what's going on in your head about money and start reprogramming your money code!!!  This is about paying attention to the thoughts swirling around in your head (it's too expensive, I can't afford, I have to work so hard, etc.)  Do EVERYTHING you can to STOP the negativity and tell yourself a new story!!!

Need help with your mental housekeeping?


💰Week 2:  21-day Financial Detox - MONEY HOUSEKEEPING 💰

Get straight with your money!  Organize your income, bills, bank statements, credit cards, and debit cards.  Make a bold and powerful decision to get CLEAR about your financial picture.  (psssst - in week 2 you must still continue to detox from your old, limiting stories about money!!!)

Need help with your money housekeeping?

  •  Click here to watch my free 10-minute tutorial giving you 5 money management strategies and how to avoid the most common money mistakes ➡ https://vimeo.com/322831772

💰Week 3:  21-day Financial Detox - MONEY & MINDSET MANAGEMENT 💰

Commit to tracking your income and expenses.  Continue paying attention to your thoughts, emotions, and stories and transform them!  

Look, I know you are  rapidly swiping your credit card at the gas pump and grocery store ... and it's often hard to realize how much you're really spending. Or maybe you are so busy getting through your day-to-day challenges that you never really make a financial plan for the future. 

There are so many reasons you "toxify" yourself in the first place. It's old habits or lack of knowledge ("I grew up on junk food / I hate vegetables / I don't have time to cook!") or escapism ("I know this pizza/bottle of wine/cigarette is bad for me but I just really need it after the day I've had!"). But the results are always the same. You're repeating toxic habits that ultimately harm rather than help you lead your best life.  And now it's going to STOP!!!

It really does take a moment of courage, and some sustained conviction, to carry on any kind of cleanse, but the rewards are so worth it.

And, I'd love to help you with this so you can finally create massive cash flow, growth and impact in your life! 

Detoxing your finances and reprogramming your money code is a bold decision, but once you make it, you stand at a place where you can determine and create the future you desire. In fact, if you don't make the commitment, odds are you're going to be stuck with more of the same situations and keep confronting the same problems until you do. 

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  2. uncover the obstacles standing in your way

  3. design a blueprint for you to get detoxify your finances, reprogram your money code and get rich

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