Your 🖤is trying to create new results for you ... but do you have a habit of overthinking and choosing heaviness instead???

This month has been challenging ... my dear hubby has been going non-stop, all kinds of *new*, inner stuff has been coming up for me, and the neighborhood bear 🐻has been keeping us up at night, trying to get into the chicken 🐔coop!

But knock, knock!

Do you hear the universe nudging you to move onto your next level of purpose?  I sure do!!!

How do you know the universe is nudging you?

  • you’re reading this, right?  

  • you're setting newer, higher goals for yourself

  • you're taking different action steps than you were a few months ago

  • you feel uncomfortable with some aspect(s) in your life and are looking for solutions

However, often times, our "default programming" pulls us back into the swamp and into the heaviness.  What does this heaviness look like?

  • Information Gathering:  We go to school, learn lots of things, listen to lots of people, read tons of books, but often there is a huge gap between our wisdom and what our life actually looks like.  

  • Monkey Mind: the constant chatter and questioning in your head is unsettling, making you feel restless and confused ... and ultimately paralyzes you.

  • I'll Do It Myself:  heaping more things on your to-do list thinking you can carry all the weight on your shoulders can be draining and destructive.

This is what overthinking and choosing heaviness looks and feels like.

And it's not your fault.  When your heart is trying to create new results, often times your head has something very different to say about your bright ideas.  

Why?  How?

Because, essentially, you are currently interacting with the world of your mother, father, and anyone else who was very influential in your life when you were young.


Zero to six years old is a highly programmable time!  We are like sponges!  You didn't have the brain capacity to question what you were told by your parents - you just took it in and assumed it was true.

And now, all those programs are running on auto-pilot, co-creating your life.

--> Which is why the habit of choosing heaviness is so common. 

--> A lot of people feel like they need to make things heavy, hard, and difficult. 

--> The "you have to work to get somewhere, if it's not hard, it's not as fulfilling and rewarding" mentality is rampant!

I'm talking specifically about:

  • making money, especially *lots* of it

  • cultivating and sustaining fulfilling, meaningful relationships

  • BEING and living your truth and purpose

You didn't get a choice when you were a child, but now you do {first_name}.  

Some teachers, gurus, and experts even say "if you don't like what's happening in your life, just choose something different."

Sounds easy, but have you ever made up your mind about something and then discovered your mind has a mind of it's own?

YES!  That's where the "habit" of choosing heaviness shows up over and over again, without your awareness.  It's very insidious.

So, what's the solution?

  • Understand that your subconscious mind is very powerful because it resides over all your thoughts and feelings, affecting the actions you take and the outcomes in your life

  • It's not trying to sabotage you.

  • Change is what we know to be true.  This is the one of the laws of nature.

  • Your habits of heaviness are your subconscious mind repeating a pattern over and over again and it's just trying to keep you safe.

  • In a matter of minutes, you can safely access and reprogram your subconscious mind so that it aligns with your conscious goals.

  • It stands to reason that if you were once programmed with limiting beliefs about money, relationships, and self worth, you CAN reprogram them.

The first step is to BE AWARE ENOUGH to want to chose something different {first_name}.  You take a step and I promise you that the universe will come rushing towards you with a thousand feet of grace.

One of my clients chose differently with these subconscious, negative beliefs that were plaguing her life and ruining her relationships:

Letting new in is hard --> "It's safe and easy for me to change and allow new opportunities into my life."

Scared of intimacy --> "I deserve the best that love and life have to offer."

Scared of rejection --> "I am safe and I get to be happy and successful just by being me."

After a couple months of working together, I reviewed some of these earlier beliefs with her and she laughed and shook her head saying "I don't feel like this at ALL anymore!  This isn't true for me AT ALL!" 

What heaviness are you choosing and will you choose to let the light in a bit and soften it?

Hi, I’m Angela Anderson.


Will you allow me to help you let the light in, so you can let go of some of the heaviness you have in your life?  You could get results like some of my clients:

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- fill an ultra premium offer without doing a dang thing different, other than what's going on in your mind

- feel like your fairy godmother blessed you with her wand to completely change how your self sabotaging behaviour about how you treat your body

- finally re-unite with your soul mate lover

- overcome your social anxiety, increase your pay by 50%, and reclaim your powerful self

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