YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. Yes, if you’ve “heard” it before, but have changed your mind about something only to discover that your mind has a mind of it’s own, then listen to this interview!

Living A Badass Life is raw talk about vision, realizing dreams, life, business, and having it all. In this week’s episode, I explain all this subconscious belief change stuff really works, why it works, and how it can work for you vs. other modalities you may have considered or done in the past (hypnosis, positive affirmations, etc.).

95% of your thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviors are not in your awareness. This means that 95% of your LIFE is happening automatically and is set on REPEAT MODE.

Let's interrupt that deep patterning so you can free your mind from beliefs that limit your recognition of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Additional Q&A not covered in the podcast episode:

Q: Why is being interviewed important to you?: 
A: Subconscious limiting beliefs are a HUGE factor that prevent people from living the lives they deserve - it's important for me to connect with your wonderful community to let them know that they can get rid of those aweful beliefs and replace them with positive, self enhancing beliefs. No more struggling, no more willpower, no more pushing harder or flapping your wings harder. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, let's enjoy!!!

Q: What is your favorite thing to talk about and / or do? (What turns you on)?: 
A: Spirituality

Q: What have you had to breakthrough to be where you are today?: 
A: Tons of my own limiting beliefs about my self worth - why would anyone want to listen to me? What do I have to offer? Acting like a victim, wanting the world to just "do" things for me, etc. All of those old stories!!!

Q: The realities... what does that mean to you?
A: The realities are what you make of them ... YOU create your reality.

Q: What tips, tools and secrets of your success?
A: Most people make things HARDER for themselves - it's not about working more, working harder or even working smarter. Everything we have to succeed is within us. The *secret* is to tap into your inner wisdom.

Q: What is your morning routine?: 
A: 1 pint of water with silence
10-15 minutes PSYCH-K practice (reprogramming subconscious mind & tapping into galactic collective consciousness)

Q: What is one of your unique gifts / what do you want to share with the world?: 
A: I am very gifted at helping people reprogram their subconscious beliefs and finally awaken to their soul's greater plan.

Q: What are you currently working on? / (promote) Where can the audience find you? 
A: Below you can download:
1) Reprogram Your Money Code Success Workbook - PDF guide to discovering and reprogramming negative, self sabotaging beliefs about money so you can create TRUE WEALTH

Link: http://bit.ly/mc-success-workbook

2) Great Little Talk: Reprogram Your Money Code - Explore how to reprogram your subconscious beliefs about money so you can create true wealth as an entrepreneur.

Link: http://bit.ly/money-code-pro