Remember when you were a child and summertime was about not having a care in the world? Now, you are an adult - and the child you once were is now the child(ren) you have, and piled on top of that, are the responsibilities “adulting.”

You’ve become the queen of efficiency. You run a tight ship and you get the job done.

The truth is, your “efficiency” has turned into invisible handcuffs - a laundry list that is weighing your once happy-go-lucky spirit down.

You’d love to reconnect with your inner child and just be happy. But the practical “I need to do this now” day-to-day things always seem to win.

When I decided to give myself permission to feel, my life changed.

As Marianne Williamson teaches - we are spiritual beings living in a body, and when we choose to forgive of ourselves and others, we change our perceptions and our experience of the world. If you’re soul is crying to be let free, have the willingness to let your own internal teacher in so they can show you the way.

Internal teacher? Yes! We all have one inside of us.

Giving yourself as little as 2 minutes before you even get out of bed is enough time to connect with your internal teacher and be reminded of who you really are.

Keep your eyes shut so no one sees you’re awake. It’s the private space in your mind that creates your magnificence!   Admit you don’t know where to go, and invite your internal teacher to help you throughout the day.

If you’re willing to give this a try, your life will change.

1 - Meditate in first thing in the morning - in bed if you have to! Take 2-5 minutes to remind yourself who you are and give your spirit time to breathe and awaken.  

2 - Dress in clothes you feel good in, even if you have only two outfits!  You’re not dressing for other people’s approval. This is about dressing for your personal success and happiness.

3 - If you want to wear makeup, wear it! Clean yourself up so you feel comfortable and awesome!

4 - Clean up your space. Make your bed. Put your clothes away. Marie Condo is on to something!

5 - Connect. Be all there with people. Stop multi-tasking and look them in the eyes.  Listen to their words. Actually care. This will raise your vibration.

5. Invite your inner teacher to help you make the most loving choices you can.

With this practice, you will feel more grounded and not be so afraid. The challenges of making decisions will still be there, but you will accomplish things in a more peaceful and creative way.

You will find that things get done whether you are doing them or not. Because when you change on the inside, the outside changes. And in the end, when you change, the things that rob you of your energy fade away.

When you get quiet and listen to the teacher inside of you then one day, maybe tomorrow, you will wake up and realize you actually have everything you want, and more already.

Article originally published in print for Mantra Wellness Magazine, June 2019.


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