Do you feel bad or guilty for wanting more money???

Are you surrounding yourself with successful people or people who are struggling???

Every part of your life contributes to your “money code”.

Your money code is a set of beliefs you have about money and these beliefs determine how much you are worth, how much you make, how you spend, and so on.

So many people are in this constant mode of getting ready, planning and strategizing, if you aren’t careful, you’ll lose several weeks in RESET mode before you to take action, implement, and apply.

Have you ever considered that the reason you drag your feet (even though it seems like you are hustling) is because of your own mindset and the way you are holding yourself back?

Have a listen to this latest podcast episode I did with James Patrick of FITposium.

FITposium is dedicated to keeping you informed and inspired to turn your passion for the health and fitness industry into a profitable profession. We talk about the importance of one’s money mindset as entrepreneurs work to grow their business.



7:24 - the surprising tories, rituals, and ideologies you were given as a kid that shaped your money mindset TODAY

9:05 - why you don’t have control over your life, even though you think you do

11:28 - how to grow or shrink your wealth with this one tricky move

14:54 - the motivation behind why people are finally starting to wake up and focus on reprogramming their minds

17:05 - ** the meat and potatoes!! ** Why you don’t act on all of the wonderful ideas, advice, and insights you get in your life

24:05 - what you need to know in order to change your life, make more money, and live in abundance

29:25 - why wanting money feels and the possession of wealth is bad

31:59 - how to verify that you’ve reprogrammed your mind correctly and that it worked

32:40 - the difference between doing subconscious work versus other types of “self help”

35:12 - why skepticism about PSYCH-K® exists and how to move forward with what’s going to work for you