The positive thinkers out there preach to us to "charge your worth", "earn your worth", "love yourself" and whatnot. But it's insidious. Insidious = proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.

Because here's the deal - many of us have subconscious thoughts that we are not worth it, who am I to ..., I can't - I mean seriously, people who are happy all the time scare me - happiness 100% of the time just isn't the human condition.

So, even though you are getting these great ideas about being worth a million bucks, if your subconscious has other ideas, then the insidious part is that you ARE charging your worth - which is 💩.

At the end of the day, whatever is in your subconscious mind is going to have the upper hand over your conscious desires. That's where the saying "easier said than done" comes from.

But, you CAN get out of those vicious cycles, raise your self worth, AND finally BE the million bucks that you were born to be. It's starts with your subconscious mind.

Listen to my latest interview with Carmen, founder of The Institute for Function Health Coaching

In this enlightening chat, you'll learn:

  • why you say health coaching is your dream job and are so passionate about it, but then struggle to get your business off the ground and make money

  • the most common mistakes most people make when trying to earn more money

  • how to change your relationship with money and verify that your subconscious has truly internalized the upgrades you want to make

  • the easy way to recognize the difference in the voices in your head and how to speak to the part of you that can heal your relationship to money

  • what you can do right now to change your money mindset and supercharge your manifesting powers

  • and much more!!!