The coaching industry is filled a ton of community, positivity, love & support. Throughout time though, we encounter people who generally been led to believe in almost nothing…or at least to question things as best as they can in an effort to reveal the true intentions behind our words.

Things that scare some the most, or make them question the potential gimmickry behind the machine, are things like people claiming to having all the answers, or the one & only answer that exists, guarantees & promises, lists & ratings that reflect pop-culture needs of fast clicks & browsing more than they do relevant ideas.

My role of helping entrepreneurs and coaches rapidly scale beyond six figures by reprogramming their money codes naturally made the host of the Vigilantes Radio Show want to know more. Some people just have nearly an impossible time putting faith in anything.

In this interview, I debunk the cynicism about self help modalities such as PSYCH-K® and explain the philosophy behind Reprogramming Your Money Code!


  1. At this point, how many times, have you built and rebuilt your system before you seen the effect of people gradually turning on to your work?

  2. Now that you have that credibility of being a PSYCH-K® Facilitator  – how do you keep those interested over time?

  3. is there a responsibility though to your group of clients to keep it at a certain level & make their own process more individualistic? Basically, what I'm asking is are they solely responsibility for their growth and are you forced to tailor their lessons according to what stage in life or progress of business, that they are at/in?

  4. How long did it take Reprogramming Your Money Code to tweak out everything in your program?

  5. How did you go about testing the market with your products & practices?

  6. What risks did you take with your program that model the growth mindset?

  7. A lot of positive motivators, authors, business moguls, deep divers, actors & indie artists make up my audience here on Vigilantes Radio so what advice can you give to people that are just starting out on their own inspirational speaking path even if it's just for YouTube?

  8. What might they have to sacrifice in pursuit of their goals?

  9. What might the rewards of success be in your opinion?

  10. What’s coming up in the future plans for your program? What’s happening and what can we all as listeners, deep divers and people looking to own their piece of happiness, have to look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon?


If you are ready to rapidly scale your cash flow and committed to making deep, profound, and lasting changes, then I am here to help you powerfully shift by reprogramming your money code.  I am here for you if you are ready to make serious changes NOW and looking to work with 1:1 someone over a longer period of time.

During this complimentary Be Rich Now session, we will:

  • get clarity about your current situation

  • uncover the obstacles standing in your way

  • design a blueprint for you to get rich

    If I’m 100% sure I can help you, we’ll talk about what working together would look like.  If it's not a good fit, I'll point you to people and resources who can help you.