a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

Outwardly, the word "ambition" feels like a good thing to have right?

 We all want to strive ...

... to do our best

... to work "hard"

... to carry our "weight" and ...

to achieve.


In our society, ambition appears to be a positive quality to have. But today, I have something different to say to you about ambition.

Ambition gets in the way of your evolution as a spiritual being having a human experience.

... experiencing your innocence

... experiencing self forgiveness and forgiving others

... experiencing shifts in perception from what is a crock of shit and what is the eternal truth

And to be honest with you my friend - a gourmet meal 🍣, or a nice car 🚙, or a new house 🏡, or first class tickets to Paris are just the physical effects of what could happen when you are ambitious.

KNOWING and LIVING innocence, forgiveness, and eternal truth down to your bones and in every fiber of your being is the affect of true ambition.

So, let me give you an example of incorrect ambition - or ambition NOT originating from divine source.

For the last six years, in particular, I was very, very ambitious in my business as a health and fitness professional.  Outwardly, my community admired me for my hustle, grind, and success.  Inwardly, I was constantly striving for everything that I needed to have as a woman exiting her 30s, raising boys, running a holistic household, and growing a business.

But the honest truth is that my ambition stemmed from fear ...

  • the ambition that stayed up late at night working on the computer feared I had to work hard (and work constantly) to reach high levels of financial success and professional recognition ...

  • the ambition that opted to work most weekends instead of planning & going on family adventures feared I wasn't good enough and that I didn't deserve to have happiness and freedom ...

  • the ambition that drove me out of bed at 5am six days a week to do my mindset routine and early morning work before my household awoke feared I needed to be "more" than who I already was or was born to be ...


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  What the world recognizes as ambition is NOT going to get you to the next level.

What's the next level? 

Real love? 💜

True happiness? 🌈

Wealth & abundance? 💰

Perhaps.  (Sounds great!  Sure!  I'll have more of that!!!)

But the next level, whatever it looks like for you on the outside (new car, new house, more money, more travel, etc.) {first_name}, has the qualities of:

  • softness (as opposed to working smarter)

  • grace (as opposed to the constant goal setting)

  • slowing down (as opposed to taking more on)

  • profound listening to yourself AND others (as opposed to inhaling more books, knowledge, and gathering more info)

  • allowing (as opposed to making stuff happen and "taking the bull by the horns)

  • letting go of addictions (you don't "need" that glass of wine to relax)

  • abandoning your scarcity mindset (money runs out, love dries up, there's not enough, etc.)

  • giving and receiving with abundance (instead of fear of not having or being enough)

Ambition is an interesting concept.  In a way, you can say that the Universe is ambitious - the way babies are born, how flowers grow, etc.  So, when you are an adult with goals, you should be ambitious too????

Does an embryo have to be ambitious to become a baby?  no.

Does a seed have to be ambitious to become a flower?  no.

Does the sun have to be ambitious to rise and set every day?  nope.

There is a natural programming built into the Universe (or you could call it Mother Nature) for ALL these things to happen, including YOUR success!!!

The more you drop ambition (let go of those "I need to make something happen.  Step aside everyone, I'm going first!" thoughts and the subconscious beliefs that power them)the more you automatically align with your spirit ... and the more Spirit can align with you.

(My clients are experiencing this on many levels!!!)

Ambition is putting your ego first and leading with the "I need to make something happen" energy.  

When you are in this "making it happen" energy, it's difficult for you to channel wisdom, be in the moment, and allow everything to happen.  

This is where working together can transform your impulses for ambition and open you up to let the Universe be ambitious for you.  When you let this happen, your life becomes more of a self fulfilling prophecy, with your true nature and spirit leading the way.  And the way is very, very beautiful, my friend.

What is the result of working with me?

  • a client of mine easily reached her income goal of well over $200K the first half of this year

  • a client of mine easily purchased a new car after learning that repairing her old car wasn't worth it - and all the "new car" drama (test driving, shopping, cost, etc.) was not a part of her experience AT. ALL.

  • I go to bed at night reviewing my day - where I failed, where I succeeded and with a heart filled with gratitude ... and fall instantly into blissful sleep.  In the past, my mind would be swirling with my "goals" and desires - and they'd pester me 24/7, leaving me feeling angry, resentful, and "less than" a lot of the time

  • My relationship with my husband and children grows deeper and deeper and more loving.  I'm less judgmental, angry, resentful, and bitter.  I love my children while I teach them and then love them more.  I listen more deeply to my husband and we are falling in love again.

  • My business is guided by Spirit instead of a "strategy."  

Today I invite you to stop flapping your wings harder and let the Universe be ambitious for you!  Relax into the space of being who you are supposed to be and doing exactly what you are supposed to do.  Every aspect of your world is already programmed to default to your next best thing.  Come back to your innocence and re-align with your power so that BIG things will happen in your world.

Allow everything to happen.  Because it is.

And if you feel you'd like some help, I'm here.  Keep reading to discover the ways we can work together.


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