Don't Miss Out Any Of My Emails!

Read this page to find out how to make sure you get all my helpful emails!

You’ll need to whitelist my email address to ensure you receive updates from me! If you singed up for a free training, or enrolled in one of my programs then you’ll want to do this so you get updates.

Follow these instructions if you use Gmail:

1. In your inbox, locate an email from
2. If you are on mobile, go to your "promotions" folder, check mark my email, click on the "move" folder that appears in the footer of your screen, and select "move to primary"


3.  If you are on desktop, drag my email to the “primary” tab of your inbox.


4. You’ll see that my emails will go to your primary folder from now on!

5. Don't Use Gmail?
For other email service providers (Yahoo, AOL, etc.) please add us as a contact in your address book.

Want help with those? No problem! Get instructions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why and how to confirm your email address?

We include this step to protect you and ensure that only people who've requested this valuable info receive it.

1. Go to your email inbox.
I sent the email to you. If you think you registered with the wrong email, simply go back to the page where you just signed up from and re-enter your email.

2. Find the email. 
The sender is “Angela Anderson <>".

3. Click the link inside.
You will receive access to what you’ve requested.


Can't find the email? Keep reading!

Did you use the correct email?

Please make sure your email is correct and that there are no typos. If it is not correct, please go back to the page you entered your email on to change it. Once you change it to your correct email address I'll make sure to email access to your training right away.


Did you check the promotions tab?

If you use Google, you'll notice that they try to help you organize your emails into folders. Most likely the email I just sent you is in your Promotions Folder. This means it's easy for an email from me to get lost or go unnoticed. Google has 3 Folders, as seen below.  

Find the email we've sent (search for sender: Angela Anderson or email '') and then drop it into your 'Primary' folder.


Did you check your Spam Folder?

Sometimes your email provider may mark my emails as spam by mistake. Please check your spam folder and whitelist my emails. 

Not sure how to 'whitelist'? 

If you use Google, simply drop the email we just sent into your 'PRIMARY' folder. If you don't use Gmail, click here to follow these simple directions for your email provider. 


Did none of this help?

This is rare, but perhaps my email delivery software may be experiencing a delay that could take up to 15 minutes.  

Please wait a little longer for the email to arrive. Otherwise try signing up with an alternative email address.