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Listen to the groundbreaking talk that will forever change the way you view your money situation and the stories you are telling yourself about your income potential.

Free Download:  27 Ninja Tips to Fill Your Fitness Classes


Sick of teaching your fitness classes with hardly any (or very inconsistent) peeps?

Discover 27 ninja tips to PACK your fitness classes without having to bang your head against the wall in frustration, struggle with competition, and throw money at expensive advertising.

Jam Packed:  The Fitness Client Getting Formula®

Sell Out Your Classes & Become the "In-Demand" Instructor Your Peeps Can't Get Enough Of!

For fitness instructors who want to:

  • Sell out your classes, services & programs
  • Attract new clients
  • Retain current clients
  • Help your client get the results they crave
  • Increase your longevity & happiness in the fitness industry
  • Create multiple revenue streams without always having to teach a physical class

Dig into my self-paced online course and get the complete 6-step formula to fill your fitness classes and increase your longevity & happiness in the fitness industry.

The Complete Done-For-You Online Health & Fitness Challenge Kit

inject your health and fitness business with MORE CASH, IMPACT, and CLIENTS

For health & fitness professionals who want to:

  • provide oodles of value to your existing clients who want more support with nutrition and mindset outside of working with you in-person
  • attract a stampede of NEW clients who are ready to make a change, but for some reason, have not come to work with you in-person
  • earn several hundreds of extra dollars in just a week without having to teach a physical class
  • use your other credentials and experience to provide more complete and robust programming and support outside of your in-person offerings
  • get more freedom with your time (hang out at your home, have fun with your kids, binge on Netflix, and just enjoy life!
  • earn a wonderful, extra income outside of your FT job and health and wellness business

Grab this complete, easy-to-follow, proven system that will bring you more freedom, more clients, and more cash.












There are over 3 billion people on the internet and a monthly average of 80 million health & fitness related google searches.

If you aren't offering online support, accountability, additional fitness, empowerment, and nutrition programs within your health & fitness business, you are leaving money on the table girlfriend!


So, how do you get started earning more money & creating more impact without getting lost down the rabbit hole of program creation & throwing a tech tantrum?

Introducing Health & Fitness Coaching with Team RockStar Fit

Partnered with Team Beachbody

  • Maximize your earning potential by partnering up with one of the largest brand's in fitness
  • Earn more income without teaching a physical class with our professional plug & play health & fitness programs
  • End your loneliness and lack of support and mastermind with a team of like-minded health & fitness professionals who are raising their ambitions
  • Grow your brand and deeply serve your perfect clientele and give the programming & techy stuff to proven professionals  

Here are 9 everyday examples of how coaching (specifically with Team Beachbody) has SUPPORTED my life:

Think: Fitness, Food, Finances, Masterminding, Personal Empowerment

1. SAHM (stay-at-home-mom): I birthed my kids at home and vowed to stay with them as long as possible. Even though they are in school now, I get to stay at home - drive them to the bus and walk home with them. I get to drop everything if they need me, take them to the dentist mid-week, and schedule my work so I can continue to be with them.

2. BETTER CHOICES: I'll be the first one to easily run to Subway or be tempted to get a pack of M&Ms - the tools I get as a coach (Shakeology, meal planners, & shopping lists) mean that I can always be prepared and avoid junk.

3. MASTERMINDING WITH A TEAM:  It's a heavy cross to bear when you're a lone ranger. Being a part of a team helps me show up and connect with like Zoe, group ex instructor & fellow coach in upstate NY.  I would never know her if it weren't for this fitness team.

4. INCOME:  This summer I purchased a 6,000 sqft commercial building in an up & coming small town in Colorado where the population is BOOMING. Because of online coaching, I have a savings account that is growing and am able to make investments in my future.

5. PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT:  Having a service based business means that you need to put yourself out there and I know that when I do, I let my light shine & empower others to let their lights shine!

6. PERSONAL GROWTH: I can stand by my values, speak my truth, and deal with criticism because I know I'm doing the best I can to help make ME and this world a better place.

7. FITNESS:  I don't have time to go to a gym or hire a trainer, so I knock it out with the coolest trainers in 30 minutes at home.

8. VARIETY:  I love that in one day I can teach Zumba®, go to my Real Love meeting, help my coaches & clients, work on my business at home, and go for a hike with my hubby.

9.  CONNECTION: I tend to want to be alone - but then I get lonely! Because of my monthly online signature groups and the team I've built, this week I've had deep conversations with Laura & Tina. We really connected about our lives and a bond was formed.

My goal as a working mom & fitpro is not to live for Friday or live for a vacation (although I do love to travel!)

My goal is to experience great moments of every day life.

Having a health & fitness biz and specifically having my own Beachbody business helps make everyday life better in many ways - not only for me, but my family, my team mates, and my clients.

Would you like the same too?

When I was first approached about joining Team Beachbody I was skeptical.  The honest truth was that my holistic, spiritual self thought that it sounded cheesy.  Like, what is this "Brazil Butt Lift" and "Beachbody" terminology???

I also didn't want to order a shake out of a bag coming from half way across the country.  What did this shake have that I couldn't harvest from my greenhouse?  After all, I was a holistic chef and had been making the most amazing smoothies and veggie juices for 10 years.

But, there were a few skeletons in my closet:

  • I was getting exhausted teaching all my fitness classes and NOT making the money I wanted
  • My clientele was sporadic and it was starting to feel resentful
  • I desperately needed to make more money or else I would have to quit my job teaching fitness classes
  • I was missing dinners & Saturday morning cuddle time with my family
  • My sugar and carb cravings were getting outta control
  • All the cardio and running around was taking it's toll

Being the smoothie lover that I am, knowing that I needed more yoga and resistance training in my life, and really needing to make money, I dove in.

Yes, I felt like I had NO EXTRA time to devote to starting another business.

Yes, I had no idea how I was going to make it work, especially since I live in a town of only 1,200 people.

Yes, I doubted myself and my abilities.

Yes, I doubted the company.

But, I got over myself and my crap.  I dove into the free training.  I started putting it out there.  The people started coming!

In 6 months, I began earning an average of $500/month

In 1 year, I started earning an average of $1000/month

In 3 years, I was earning $1000/week.

What would you do if you could earn an extra $500, $1000, $4000/month???

I'm also in the best shape of my life, have a team of health & fitness professionals that support & mentor me, teach only 3 classes a week (and take summer & holidays off) and am deeply serving more people than I could have ever imagined.

How about you?  Are you ready to breakthrough and significantly change everything in your life and health & fitness business?


Watch these fun & informative videos about how Team Beachbody Coaching with me as your sponsor can help you have a thriving health & fitness business and a life you adore.

Click on any video below!








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Schedule your breakthrough call and we'll talk about your goals, answer your questions, and decide together if coaching with Team Rockstar Fit/Team Beachbody and me as your sponsor is right for you!  


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