I moved to a new town and needed help re-starting everything - my fitness business, my mindset and my life. I know how to work with clients, but was really struggling to working smarter (not harder!), earn my worth, and raise my confidence. If I hadn’t worked with Angela, I’d still be frustrated with low attendance, trying to build relationships, and feeling taken for granted and unappreciated. I would have felt like “just another trainer” and would be devalued. I am now in a mastermind and am 100% confident about where my business and life are leading me. Angela is so creative and knowledgeable. She breaks everything down into simple steps that I can take action on and I am excited about how working with her has changed everything for me!
— Tami Neureberger, Team Beachbody Coach, Bootcamp Owner and Personal Trainer

I’ve never done a program that was specifically geared toward fitness instructors and the issues we face - there are a lot of programs out there on general business, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything geared towards fitness instructors with action steps that can be easily applied. I recommend this program to other fitness instructors because in fitness, we train for formats - it’s pretty much all technical (form, technique) and this program actually teaches us the business, marketing and steps to fill our classes! Specifically, this program helped me learn how to differentiate myself from other instructors, that being great isn’t just about knowing the steps or doing the squats, and gain confidence in myself and abilities!
— Annette Leone, Zumba® Fitness Instructor

By taking Jam Packed: The Fitness Client Getting Formula™ and working with Angela one-on-one I not only saved myself a lot of time, but I got the support I needed to build my business instead of trying to figure out everything on my own. The bonuses were great, the 1:1 time was great, and I love that I get lifetime access to the program! Before starting the program, I was unsure about social media and I didn’t want to be “salesy” - but the content and Angela’s support eased everything. I’ve had a great experience. Angela teaches us in such a practical, “real world” approach, gives us a lot of great advice, and is very supportive.
— Allison Power, CEO Mom's the Bomb Fitness

Why did I wait this long to get started on this fantastic training?!! Your step-by-step guidance is taking what appears to be overwhelming and breaks it down into easy to follow action steps. Just when my mind thinks...”Oh I need to do this”, you are right there assuring me that you’ll show me that very step at the right time. This is proof that you’ve created a master plan and organized the modules in a logical systematic manner. You’ve managed to pack each module with valuable practical information, without being overwhelming, wrapped up in a workable time slot to fit a busy schedule.
— Sarah Beth Pergrossi, Group Fitness Instructor and Team Beachbody Coach

I joined Jam Packed: The Fitness Client Getting Formula® so I could learn how to expand my fitness business. I got great marketing information, a clearer focus on what makes me unique, clarification on my tribe, how to serve my people, how to attract more of who I want to work with, and I learned about creating more income for myself. I’ve never gone through a program like this and love Angela’s teaching style and content given.
— Donita Byrom, CEO of Faithful Fitness

As a studio owner I felt like I was running in a hamster wheel! I learned so much in Jam Packed: The Fitness Client Getting® program, especially that I was “selling” all wrong and coming at it from the wrong direction. Most other programs I’ve done in the past were free or technical, not about the approach you have to take with your potential clients. I’ve applied so much already - creating new graphics, changing my website around, and applying the information throughout my studio - with the classes, instructors and clients. I would most definitely recommend this program and Angela’s mentorship to others - you are genuine, quick to respond and have opened up my eyes! Thank you!
— Stacie Boss, Owner B.O.S.S. Studio

You helped me see that I’m not too old to start again. I jumped right into this program because after moving to a new town and starting all over again, I was out of ideas and hitting a wall about how to fill my fitness classes. I needed a new perspective and after this program, I feel much better about myself and my efforts. I enjoyed the program, will use a great deal of the information, and will keep coming back to it. I love that I get lifetime access!
— Christine Johnson, Bowka Ambassador

I invested in Jam Packed: The Fitness Client Getting Formula® to increase my class sizes and with Angela’s great examples, I’m finally understanding and applying what I need to do in order to reach my goals. Another program I was paying a monthly fee for had a lot of info, but it was still really difficult to figure out how to use the info - not with Jam Packed!”
— June Beeks, Certified Group Fitness Instructor