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what others say about psych-k® with angela
Within one session with Angela a flood gate of opportunities came my way, that it was almost funny. I filled my summer with clients faster then ever before, and created a waiting list for well into the fall. I received a series yeses from some of the biggest potential speaking gigs I’ve ever gone for, and I dare say it felt almost effortless. I also started filling an ultra premium private coaching offer, without doing a dang thing. More coming and I can’t wait to see what else unfolds. In full disclosure, I did not change a thing: my marketing was still in play, my message was still strong, but this work seems to unlock something that I can’t quite put my finger on yet that seems to accelerate my progress and ‘grease the wheels.’
— Karin W.R.

I started Angela’s True Wealth Mastery program because I’m tired of being held back by my limiting beliefs, especially confidence in myself with my health coaching business, my ability to earn the income I desire, and being a leader. The only reluctance I had before I started working with Angela was the age old “what if this doesn’t work” doubt. With PSYCH-K® I felt an immediate shift. Unlike meditation, affirmations, and journaling, there is always this little voice telling me I need to focus on making the changes to whatever limiting beliefs I have about myself. Almost like I’m forcing the change to happen. With PSYCH-K, I didn’t feel like I had to force the beliefs, I could feel the change after the session. My experience with Angela was great. She was very professional but also very warm and welcoming. She was very clear about what steps we were going to be taking throughout the session and what each of our roles would be. She was engaged, listened attentively while I was speaking, and was very encouraging. Immediately following myself I just felt so light. I felt full of positive energy and there was this sense of calm and the feeling that all is well. Not only have my thoughts and moods been more positive, I’ve also had more confidence in speaking out to my community through social media platforms. I’m always second guessing the information I share and worried about how people will respond to my content, but the last couple days I’ve spoke with more confidence and less second guessing!
— Jordan W.

A friend of mine suggested doing PSYCH-K® as a chance to do something different. I’m super wary of messing around with spiritual energy, but felt comfortable with this method because of the use of muscle testing. We worked on my income goals and energy levels as a business owner. Right after my first session, I was invited to a Facebook live interview as a last minute-guest and closed a guest writing gig!! This approach is very different - more ebb and flow than “here’s the path/bandwagon: Get on!” I definitely recommend PSYCH-K® - it’s different, I loved the positive energy, how the session progressed, and it was uplifting!
— Menachum B.

I needed Angela to help me re-build my mindset and start my personal training and bootcamp business. As a new mom, I don’t have time to figure everything out by myself and it’s so easy to feel alone and then start seriously doubting yourself. Angela always gets me to focus on the tasks that are going to move the needle forward in my business AND the PSYCH-K® work we did healed me on so many deep levels. She infuses me with confidence and bravery. She helps me with everything from program creation, to marketing, mindset, and selling, which is really hard for me! But, with her by my side - her wicked copyrighting and total support, I’m PSYCHED! I’m ALL IN and love working with her. I don’t know where I’d be without her.
— Allison Frances Power, CEO Mom's the Bomb Fitness

I finished my 3rd PSYCH-K session and thought to myself afterwards, “I’m fixed.” I’m thankful I said yes to Angela. All of a sudden I realize I’m not doing any of the bad stuff I was doing - with my food, inability to exercise, mindset, etc. All of that is gone now and I’m loving my life!
— Cynthia Surface, Stylist

Can something be powerful enough to change your life, and subtle at the same time? Absolutely! That is exactly what my Psych-K sessions with Angela have been like for me. When I pay attention, I can feel a clear shift in my perception about the issues we are working on. I have also noticed how my whole life has slowly changed into a different grove as well. Never underestimate the value of energetic work. With Angela as the facilitator, rest assured, you are in good hands! She really knows what she is doing!
— Mati Fuller, Owner Green Beauty Cosmetics

PSYCH-K with Angela is an incredible experience. She has the ability to unlock and unleash so much power inside. I loved our sessions and can tell a huge difference they have made for my abundance mindset. My entire approach to money has transformed.
— Carrie Robertson, CEO of Chisled Chic

At the time of my PSYCH-K session with Angela my daughter was three years old. Her father and I were at our wit’s ends because she still wasn’t sleeping through the night regularly. Not only did she awaken at night more often than not, she also awoke screaming and inconsolable. My intention with this session was to act as a surrogate for Nisa to see if we could find a way to help her relax more easily into sleep and to sleep more profoundly. I was also hoping to have an insight into why she might be awakening in such an upset state ( aside from the obvious answer of being tired) and how I might be able to help her.

To my surprise, the majority of the session dealt more with me and my fears and anxieties around my daughter’s sleep issues and the responsibilities of motherhood. It wasn’t until later in the session that we did some clearings around my daughter’s sleep issues.

I was surprised at how emotional I became during the session. I had to confront my fears of “failing” as a first time parent and my stress around my daughter’s sleep issues. I had to confront the belief that her problems were my fault and my responsibility and let go of my attachment to her processes. I had a definite release during the session. It was uncomfortable, but good for me! Within two or three months of the session, my daughter was regularly sleeping through the night!

My PSYCH-K session with Angela was extremely helpful. Confronting my anxieties as a first time mother was my work and learning to relax during stressful situations beneficially impacted both myself and my daughter as well.
— Joan Gaus, Montessori Teacher & Mother

I’m simply giddy right now! Let me tell you about my evening… After work, I attended a professional development event for a women’s network that I’m a member of. We learned how to craft our elevator pitch, and we practiced with each other. This is the feedback I got:

“You speak so confidently”
“You have a calming presence”
“You smile and make great eye contact”
“Your cadence was great”
“You are very engaging”


This was only 2 hours after our session… Wow… I’m already living my dream!
— LeAndria Streeter, Bossed Up Public Speaker/Leader of Women in Salesforce

The day after my session with Angela, after 10 years of not dreaming since my mom died, I have a life changing dream. My eating disorder STOPPED. In one month, I had released 10 lbs of the extra weight brought on by binge eating, and I didn’t even have to TRY. Suddenly doing things that weren’t aligned with me didn’t seem like “me” anymore. I literally couldn’t do a behavior I had done for so many years - because suddenly, that slightly blurry lens I was looking out of became CLEAR. CRYSTAL. After 3 months, my life completely has changed for the better. I have a new life, a dream life, and I’m living it and loving it.
— Shana Yao, CEO Total Genius & Your Marketing Mastermind

I wanted to let you know that I haven’t had any problems with seasonal allergies since our VIP day. We addressed it and I know it changed the pattern. It was quite magical how it all transpired that day. Throughout my life I have done so many things to overcome my childhood trauma. I felt like I was always trying, but never getting anywhere. I realize now that I was facing my problems, but not really feeling them, especially in my body. I also wasn’t able to connect with my heart and true wisdom because I was in a fear state of fight/flight.

I once heard someone say that the body is the subconscious mind, and I am experiencing that to be true.

Thanks again for the work you did with me. You definitely tuned in and have a gift/skill for getting to the root of an issue.
— J. Coniff

I was determined and committed to the EFT tapping for 8 years. I also hired 3 different EFT practitioners and bought a course. I’d work with them once a week for 6-8 months, felt nothing. I never felt anything or had any shifting. I gave up after the 8 years.

I remember after the PSYCH-K® session I had with Angela, we worked on relationships and getting toxic people out of my life. I think it was within the week, 2 toxic friends stopped connecting and I had 3 amazing friends connect with me and we are great friends still. I do have faith in your work :)
— Janeal




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